Look what I’ve found! 

16 01 2016

This blog was my first blog ever. 


Rebirth of a blog ! 

3 01 2016

When I started blogging around 10years ago, I was interested in sharing news and bits from around the net. Later on, blogging became a little more personal, and finally, I started a Greek blog about my hometown and all the problems or facts about Psakoudia.

The births of my two lovely sons in the past 5 years changed my life, my routine. Additionally, 140 characters of a tweet or a photo, seemed more than enough to explain certain situations, and/or saved me a lot of time and energy.

Blogging was always a part of my digital life, and I quite miss it!

Quantity, quality and speed of news sharing via Twitter or Facebook have changed the news agencies. Anyone can become a part of it. Anyone can become a journo.

Always check twice before you share any news.

And do not share just for more likes or clicks!

Festive season’s bits around the world

27 12 2013

Christmas stockings for newbornsSouthern California hospitals are spreading holiday cheer for new parents by delivering newborns in giant Christmas stockings.


The bright red stockings were provided this week for babies born at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center. The Long Beach Press-Telegram reports (http://bit.ly/1c3zlYE ) it’s a half-century-old tradition.

The Redlands Community Hospital has been handing out stockings to parents of infants born this month.

The Riverside Press-Enterprise reports the tradition began in 1930, but lapsed before it was revived in 2005.

This year, 16 volunteers made 250 fleece stockings during a daylong sewing bee.

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Who is Santa anyway?
Seriously, who thought a fat, bearded man who flies around in a sleigh and carries a big bag of who-knows-what was a good idea?


-A reindeer in Sweden…and a study of its eye color !

Wikimedia Commons

Winter in the Arctic is grim—day and night blur together for 24 hour stints without sunlight. Reindeer manage to survive these gloomy weeks thanks to a peculiar adaptation. As the days grow darker, reindeer’s eyes turn from gold to blue.

A study published earlier this year in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B journal explained the science behind reindeers’ changing eyes. The color change happens in the tepetum lucid, which is the layer of tissue in the eye that reflects visible light back through the retina. This is the same component of the eye that makes cats’ and dogs’ eyes seem to glow in the dark.

In the summer when days and nights are marked by nearly constant brightness, the eye tissue is tinged gold, which is common for ungulates such as reindeers. But once the darkness of winter hits, reindeer eyes change their hue to blue. The change of color is also associated with a reduction in light reflected, and an increase in captured light. The increased retinal sensitivity comes at a cost, though—the acuity of the reindeers sight is reduced, meaning the sharpness or clearness of what is seen is lower. But, just having the ability to see—no matter how blurry—could help the reindeer spot predators, or lead the way for Santa and his sleigh.

It ‘s been a while…

27 12 2013

I haven’t updated this blog for more than 2 years, and even though I think I have to apologize for this, at the same time It feels so right that I spent these two years contemplating on the essence of keeping a blog.
By the end of 2010, I had a Facebook and a twitter account, by 2012 I ‘ve been using Eyem and Instagram… Too much to cope!

Once again the blog is going to be fed by random news, bits and pieces from around the globe, the net, the social network or even our neighborhood …
Take care and enjoy.
The following photos are just a sample of daily life moments …







you must be kidding us…

15 02 2012

Since the Lehman Brothers collapse, Europe and Euro-zone were safe enough and there was no Greek problem to be mentioned.

Until the  day the three big credit agencies started to downgrade Greece’s ratings to “junk”.

Afterwards, IMF and E.U  “vultures” were happy enough to lend us “some” money, in order Greece not to “default”.

Greeks started to cut back , pension cuts, wage cuts,  and more cuts were introduced…

The Merkozy pair is more interested into the future elections, than to save Greece (even though we, Greeks, buy fighter jets and naval ships from France and Leopard fighter tanks and submarines from Germany and many more)

Merkel, Schauble, Sarkozy, Junker, Frieden and others are draining Greeks just for fun. They just don’t give a s&#t about Greece, they even want to drive Greeks to the exit of Euro Zone…

They want more and more …

Please give us some space , let us breath, give us a brake.

We are trying our best,  everyone!

in return, we get nothing but harsh words, obnoxious attitude toward the Greek people

When I saw Schauble talking to the Portuguese Fin.Minister, he remind me of a King who is kind enough to give some petty cash to his servant. I could understand how Schauble and other European Fin.Ministers treated Ev.Venizelos, the Greek Fin.Minister.





Sorry, but being in The E.U or the Euro Zone means to be equal among equals. To ask for help and to get help. Not to be humiliated just for the shake of it .

This is too much.

I don’t think that in the last couple of years, Greece became the “black sheep” country that everyone spit on nowadays …

It is toooo much !

It’s time to blog…from heart

12 10 2011


After a terrific summer, life is not going to be the same again for us- and we love it! and the reason is… Our baby boy is the reason.

two very angry cats …

1 05 2011

sometimes they can be very aggressive to one another (especially when they are being territorial)

this is certainly no "purring" cats ... they're more like "Meawwwing" ...